Construction Liens – Proceeds of Insurance

If insured property is subject to construction liens (or potential liens), how are the insurance proceeds to be distributed?After deducting the amount of premiums paid by the policy holder, the insurance proceeds become trust funds which are to be paid

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Construction Liens – Priority of Liens

Not all liens are created equal.  Florida Statutes Section 713.07 sets forth an order of priority for liens.  Design professional liens and subdivision improvement liens (under Sections 713.03 and 713.04) attach at the time of recordation of the claim of lien and take

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Construction Liens – Notice of Termination

How is a notice of commencement terminated?  Pursuant to Florida Statutes 713.132, an owner may terminate the period of effectiveness of a notice of commencement by executing, swearing to, and recording a notice of termination that contains:(a) The same information as

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Construction Liens – Notice of Commencement

A Notice of Commencement is a recorded document which notifies the world, including potential lienors, that construction is taking place at a particular property.  Under Florida Statutes Section 713.13, an owner (or the owner’s authorized agent), before actually commencing to

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