Covid-19 Mortgage Forbearance: A Cautionary Tale

Many thousands of Americans are suddenly concerned about making their monthly mortgage payments due to the coronavirus pandemic, or will soon, if the crisis continues to drag on. In the past month, nearly 17 million Americans have filed for unemployment

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Construction Liens – Single Claim of Lien

In order to claim a construction lien, a lienor is required to record only one claim of lien covering his or her entire demand against the real property when the amount demanded is for labor or services or material furnished

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Construction Liens – Service of Documents

How should documents be served under the Florida lien law?Pursuant to Florida Statutes Section 713.18, service of notices, claims of lien, affidavits, assignments, and other instruments required under Cahpter 713 must be made by one of the following methods:(a) By actual delivery

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Construction Liens – Seizure of Materials

If an owner, contractor or subcontractor obtains materials for a construction project but fails to pay for those materials, are the materials subject to seizure?  The answer depends on who is attempting the seizure, what debt is being enforced and

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Construction Liens – Requests for Information

How can the parties involved in a construction project obtain information from the other parties involved in the project?  Florida Statutes Section 713.16 has a number of provisions allowing the project participants to request documentation from the other participants.  For

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Construction Liens – Repossession of Materials

Under what circumstances can a material supplier repossess the materials supplied for a project?  If the materials have not yet been incorporated into the project and payment has not been made for those materials, the person who supplied those materials

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